Tate Story

Tate Story

Trusted partner


Tate Business Group started life back in 1988 in small premises in Luton, initially supplying printed business forms, which soon included a rapidly expanding catalogue of stationery products, retail and business consumables.
Our reputation as a trusted partner was first established in the 1990s when we were asked to provide banking vouchers to a number of well known high street banks, including Midland ( now part of HSBC), NatWest and Barclays.

Growing range of essential consumables


As volume demand increased for the supply of one of Tate’s key print lines - the 2 part petrol forecourt EPoS voucher – it was a natural progression to offer our customers ”direct-to-site” delivery from a growing range of more than 200 essential back office consumables, including till rolls and cleaning products.
The new customer supply strand soon required more warehouse space. Tate quickly relocated three times in response to the growth of product supply into other business sectors of all sizes and types, from convenience stores, bookmakers and florists to sports centres, high street chains and restaurant groups.


“Single source” supply solution


Tate continued to broaden its supply chain across multiple market end users.
To accommodate the growing customer need, in 2007 we relocated to our present home at Tate House, Dunstable, incorporating a 50,000 sq ft modern warehouse unit. Both print production and warehouse distribution service were now housed under one roof - enabling a fully integrated supply service to our growing corporate customer base, such as Camelot, Betfred and Coral. 
By listening to our customers’ specific demands for a diverse but associated range of products and services, our business consumables division had evolved to become a “single source” supply solution.
Designed to meet the accelerating demands of  21st century supply chain management, Tate was now able to offer buyers – whether independent SMEs or corporate multinationals – a complete, one stop supply line from sourcing product, buy/sell management to end user delivery.


Looking ahead


From Tate’s origins in the supply of retail and business consumables, the printing of most betting industry and National Lottery slips, to becoming one of the biggest independent distributors of DVDs, we continue to maintain our position as the biggest supplier of petrol forecourt consumables in the UK.
Looking ahead, our abiding aim is to always serve our customer, whatever their size or requirement. Our group structure, comprising a core central services operational team, is naturally positioned to innovate and create new solutions in prompt response to any customer need.